Out of the laboratory,
all around the world.

We’ll come to you. Choose one of our many on-site inspection options and we’ll come to your place of business to conduct testing.

Pre-production checks

We take samples before they enter production, not only to check that materials and content comply with legal requirements, but also to test for harmful substances and ensure products adhere to technical quality parameters.

During-production checks

This typically involves inspecting products between 10 and 25% into the production process. Checks are conducted for conformity with samples, processing standards (DIN standard: ISO 2859-1), accuracy to size, weight and labelling. We also take samples in order to verify the chemical and technological properties of materials in our labs at Hohenstein.

Final random checks

Product inspections between 80 and 100% into the production process. Verification of production volumes, conformity with original samples, quality of processing according to ISO 2859-1, labelling, EAN codes, shipping boxes, etc.